The Injustice of What Just Is

The Injustice of What Just Is

What does it mean to be black?

In other words what do you lack

Let's look at the facts
Every word associated with that
Has a negative connotation attached

Blackmagic -
Magic involving the supposed invocation of evil spirits for a evil purposes

Blacklist -
A list of people or things that are regarded as unacceptable or untrustworthy and should be excluded or avoided

Blackball -
Reject (a candidate applying to become a member of a private club) typically by means of a secret ballot.

Blackmail -
The action, treated as a criminal offence, of demanding payment or another benefit from someone in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them

If black is the opposite of white
White being synonymous for purity,
Innocence & light

The contrast in the meaning of these words reflects real life

Words determine value of life

What does it mean to be black?
And why do we identify with that?

Does it mean

I'm a Melanated man

An African descendant

A Cushitic KING

Well if it did, then I would identify
With everything...

In order for us to understand where we are
We must look back to where we were
"Black" history is surrounded by mystery
Perpetuated portraits of indignity
Exemplify a distorted history
Leaving lineage and legacy
In the hands of the enemy
Degrading the integrity of Ancestral Memory
The colonizer created a caste system to castrate us from our own land
Using our own resources to cripple us with our own hands
Creating nations by drawing lines to divide kingdoms and tribes

So understand where the real line should be redefined

First We Must
Decolonize The Mind

We can be sexualized and glamourized
Before we are demonized and marginalised
Vilified and tossed aside all because you weren't so inclined to climb behind
Or walk down a narrow line
Tailored for "your" kind

The enigma of the so called Ni***
Is that he is a NIGUS a king,
So to label him otherwise is a disastrous thing

How labels redefine everything

Wonder why when someone white wilfully commits a horrendous crime
They always seem to have either lost their mind or it wasn't in their nature because its not of their kind

This is a reflection of a
Systemic tool of oppression
Used as a weapon
To mask past aggressions
Through acceptance

To keep us confused
Idle in thought but actions consumed
The rhetoric we hear is the words we live by
The words we say shape our life

The world simply isn't black and white

Injustice in ANY FORM is not right!

Curated by Nomadic Libaax