What Do You SE3 @.0

What Do You SE3  @.0

A Poetry Platform for ALL

Poetically Perplexed is a platform dedicated to creative writing, poetry, spoken word & all forms of profound truths.

For there are over 7 billion different ways to see the world.

This platform aims to provide insight into poetic perspective from a ever changing point of view.

What I mean by that is life is 'Poetry in Motion'

Forever changing in a endless cycle, dependant on how you see and feel it, You're field defines your view.

For today is a memory in a moment yet to last

Part and parcel of the past.

"The stories we share define how we add here so, what am I to say if not that I am merely a lense to an image I cannot yet fully see.
For the thought of what could be is the reality of what perplexes me"

Alas, Poetry is a tool to express, digest & profess the many ways to attest to the trials of life's many tests!

Poetry allows for expression & progression of over-stood lessons to highlight the sentiment of context.
Poetry to me, is a fond friend that hears all the worries and woes of wims that beackon from the hallows of a daft mind raging time after time.
Spoken words change tones and settles moods as it restructures formless shapes into depth filled lines...
Poetry has allowed for the art of communication to be truly admired in a way that is food for the soul when the words speak for themselves.

For life lived, is more than anything shared online.

This is the reality of perpetuity, far reaching but far from normality, experienced and not lived in instances, simply meaning slowly & gradually across a spectrum perceived as reality.

"Sight can be deceptive when the iris is not reflective of what it has collected promising false projections leading to missed connections..."
...For somethings are soul deep...

Poetically-Perplexed is a Platform dedicated to creative expression and the stories that shape the world of each unique individual, from Writers, Thinkers & Artist from all walks of life, from all over the world.
Poetically-Perplexed aims to provide a platform for to showcase the works of poets, creatives and storytellers! Creating Community & Connections!


Perplex Perspectives Proliferate Prosperous Purpose & Produce Passion Poised to Procreate.

The Curator
Nomadic Libaax