Nomadic Libaax

Nomadic Libaax

Hi there, I hope you are well and having a pleasant day/evening (dependant on when you are reading this) I send peace and blessings your way now & eternally!

My name is Ali, also Known as Nomadic Libaax ( Libaax means Lion in Somali).

I am a London born and bread Somali Rhythmic Assisted Poet who uses poetry and rhyme to express the contents of my mind in hopes to realise, reaffirm & realign what it means to explore perspectives & paradigms across time...

Join me in a journey of creative exploration upon a poetic quest to joust with joy & glee in what could be a bodacious test.

This website is an accumulation of a few different things!

Including a blog dedicated to my poetry in the written format as well as links to different content across various platforms.

You can also keep updated about the latest projects, post and content coming your way by subscribing to the email listing.

The email subscription will have an interactive aspect where readers can engage in content creation via writing exercises and prompts which will then be selected to be posted on the site in a collaboration format where all writers are credited!

A key aim of this platform is to create a stream of authentic poetic content for all!

Come and join me in this exploration of creative discovery as we Travel across the realm of thought, proved and practiced via a Poetic lense
Which turns moments into memories which you then become fond of and turn into friends

A duality of a narrative of such

If in the beginning all we do is focus on the end how could we possibly cement where we intend to head
So what I am trying to say is
That perspective is paramount in decisions
On this page you will be lost and found within an instant, in said instances regardless of distance or indifference.

P.S This Platform is called Poetically-Perplexed because....

...Find out ;)...

The Creative Curator