Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange

What goes up must come down

Same as the sun goes up

Moon goes down

Just like karma

Comes back round

Your age goes up

But doesn't go down

It only stops when your dead in the ground

Silence falls upon your surround sound

So Live your best life

And make the most of now

Live life how?

The way you want

Dependant on what your trying to get done

If you live for fun your forever young

But fun alone cannot build a throne

Make a house your own

Or teach you how to Rome

Your actions are your own

So each to their own

I can never condone

What I don't even know

Only time will show

How you grow

The roots of your tree bare the fruits you sow

So understand where you're trying to go

In order to grow

Valour in victory

Leads to humility

Justice and dignity

Leads to prosperity

Verily actions equate


Gradually ingrained In memory

Based on one's own integrity

I speak these words in the style of a verse
Not to coerce
But to infer
How i see things to differ
From my own view
Food for thought
If you choose to consume
Play your part
Which you assume
To play, pause & resume.

Curated by Nomadic Libaax