Reveal The (F)eel-ing

Reveal The (F)eel-ing

In all honesty
I don't know how to express what I feel

Because the words I want to say

Aren't necessary the way that I feel

It's surreal
To live for a thrill

But at the end of the day

Having to foot the bill

Can turn things downhill

At will

But still

I keep still

Because if I reveal
Or unlock the seal

Will it be fit for a King's meal

Because I'm a King for real

Every king needs a Queen

But of that, I can only dream

To find my partner in time

And make our own A-team

Live a loving life

With a lover under the covers

Frontpage view

Ain't nothing undercover

A partner a  companion
For future expansion
Untold tangents
Events so random
We could never have planned them
But we are glad we had them

Moments together

We wish would last forever

It happened whenever

So whatever the weather

When then was better

That sunny semester

The start of a chapter

The beginning of our happily ever after

Isn't that what we are all after
Compassion and laughter
The start of a saga
The embodiment of mother and father

Maybe it is or maybe it's not
But to be loved truly means a lot
To truly love is something that never stops
Because love is priceless at any cost
Nothing worse than a love lost
In the pursuit of lust

Well, I think I've said enough…

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