Where do WE grow from here?

Where do WE grow from here?

It gets dark when it feels hard to survive

The days fade into the night

Then repeat till first daylight

A cycle unlike anything kind

When past thoughts cloud the mind

And remind of everything

You've tried to leave behind

These feelings make it as if

Your dead inside

But on the outside evermore alive


You played the piper

But never paid the price

Plagued with time

But never downsized

Plauguries the why

To fortify the lies

Of a dreadful mind

Where tenacious

Thoughts are ill derived  

Cultivating a capsule

unbeknownst to the inner self

Trapped inside


Today is a mirror of the mind

Mirroring thoughts pushed aside

Into a mirage of a facade

Self prescribed…

How can you hide

What pushes you to thrive?

The meaning for your life

The medium to your light

More than reasons for or why...

If not yet knowing, look inside…

Because the different parts of you

Are more than what meets the eye

So I ask
Do you?

Live a life alike

To anything you didn't like

Or  live a life you love

For what you love is to be alive

Because to be alive

Means to truly live

But how can you live

When it feels hard to exist

Knowing all you've experienced

And all that Is?

"Well, it's easier said than done"
But isn't that what life truly is?


When past times mirror the present

It takes away from every second,

When each second your in

Comes second too

Every second you've lived

How could we ever understand

The merit of time equipped?

When not taking into account

The weight of experience?


Each experience creates it own rift

Even in the form of a mental shift

Depending on how internalised

And relieved

Either revived in better parts

Or revised for severed marks

Upon a delicate heart

Turnt derelict and dark


Old ode's turned oaths

Fond memories &

Promises untold

Making a malleable mind

Value the lines used to remind

When pondering once upon a _____


Acknowledgement is where to begin

To find the strength that lies within

When you know your worthy

of your right to live

It breads a energy

which translates and shifts

The tides of waves

Bringing change to what is

In hopes to

To learn and forgive
To remember yet still resist
The intrusive thoughts
That cease to persist

For your future

Is YOURS if you wish

For your future

Is YOURS if you wish



For his favour is

Endless & immeasurable

When your agenda

Is redemption

a reform for

Positive progression

It's all based on the

sincerity of intention

later cemented

By the actions endings

So I say all of that to say this

May all our lives

Favour where we intend to rest

Being the place where we grow

Along our eternal quest

As this life

Solidifies the outcome of the test…

When moving on from the Now
…onto the Next…

Traversing across Time-Lines


Curated By Nomadic Libaax