P-T-R-P: EP 7 Allum Alluvus

P-T-R-P: EP 7 Allum Alluvus

SERIES : People That R' Poets

This Series will focus on Highlighting Poets from a diverse set of backgrounds to provide a space to showcase their work!

Each Episode will feature a different poet, who will curate a short poem as well as bio about who they are and what inspires their Poetry!

This space will also aim to provide poets, creatives and artist alike a platform to showcase their work, who they are as an artist as well as give readers a greater insight into creative exploration through the chance to learn more about each

Unique Artist.

POET : Allum Alluvus

Hey, My name is Allum Alluvus. I like to refer to myself as an abstract expressionist. Honestly I flow where ever I feel a need to flow/ release.

This shows up through poetry, singing, producing music, painting, photography, and creating visuals. I honestly fell in love with how freeing it is to express beyond words, also in the same light how many conversations can be started with what you see? or what you feel?

Especially in my paintings, my art and sharing my art has been a safe space to simply BE for me without any limitations/ caps.

My art is inspired by the freedom to express, the realization on how to transmute life; the transformation of what’s hidden and is brought out to the physical. So many stories being told  whether it’s through my voice, song, pen, or paintbrush. Honestly it’s such a powerful tool, meditative.

I think everyone can benefit from once we understand art isn’t bound to a space/image/ a thing per say. It’s evoked, expressed. The amount of healing that can be achieved. It’s like therapy that's accessible to us all.


Curious Sure he is, is there a cure for this?
Lights and shadows faded yellow
Hue darkens my bones favored in my aloneness
Each night I would slip and wonder where my home is
What are you?

As if a color defines who l am?

I am the kind that doesn't mix
Spotted, Dotted, Patched, Splattered, Unmatched, Unhitched
Why does it even matter?
l am  art Undefined.

Abstracted to those whose mind that can't seem to find

Expressed tonessingular nodes of sunshine and cold
Jaded in my faded skin as my pigmented face
Loose more melanin, did this make me less black or brown
Because my hands are now white codes ridden

Hidden flows strokes wishing for an end

Underneath My skin glows a soul
Who knows we shine like the rainbow

l am a reminder that I can't be confined nor will I be defined.