SERIES: People That R' Poets

This Series will focus on Highlighting Poets from a diverse set of backgrounds to provide a space to showcase their work!

Each Episode will feature a different poet, who will curate a short poem as well as bio about who they are and what inspires their Poetry!

This space will also aim to provide poets, creatives and artist alike a platform to showcase their work, who they are as an artist as well as give readers a greater insight into creative exploration through the chance to learn more about each



My name is Sydney, but I am also known as DiiSKLMR (Disclaimer).

I am a Spiritual Counsellor, Transformational Coach, Maths Tutor and Health and Wellbeing Trainer. I also take part in spoken word poetry events, do MC/hosting and also do work within the wider community.

The topic of Mental Health inspires my poetry, as I have lived experience with ill mental health, and have realised that a lot more are currently experiencing the same things.

Therefore, I use my platform to inspire, assist and encourage others to see the beauty and potential that they have within, and help them to find purpose and to improve their mindset and inner happiness.

I have a podcast, called RANDOM DiiSCLAIMER, which can be found on all streaming music platforms (anchor.fm/randomdiisclaimer).

Love and positivity to you and your family.


Nothing beats the simple hymn uttered by me when I'm using the shower as a counselling session,

The temperature of the water rising as my blood pressure is lowering,

Those crystal-clear droplets taking a part of me
That muddies my thoughts and free-falls it into the drain,
The drain, looking up at me, confused, because some of the droplets are salty
because of the tears that come from so deep
That the water couldn’t detect it,

Because from the water’s perspective,

The waters like a drop in the ocean, to what's really inside,
And that's deep, Deeper than Hawaii in half a million years,

But I'm giving my drainage system a surplus of half a million tears