P-T-R-P: EP 4 Dilip Singh

P-T-R-P: EP 4 Dilip Singh

SERIES: People That R' Poets

This Series will focus on Highlighting Poets from a diverse set of backgrounds to provide a space to showcase their work!

Each Episode will feature a different poet, who will curate a short poem as well as bio about who they are and what inspires their Poetry!

This space will also aim to provide poets, creatives and artist a opportunity to not just showcase their work but also give readers a greater insight into creative exploration through the chance to learn more about each

Unique Artist.

POET: Dilip Singh

I’m Dilip Singh and the biggest inspiration for my poetry is wholeness. To live a life with meaning and be aware of what this life is and who we are that live it.

I feel that there is definitely an economic crisis, a political/social crisis and of course an ecological crisis.

But clearly this has been born from a crisis of consciousness.

My poetry focuses on viewing these topics and the world as not separate issues from ourselves but to perceive clearly that the outer is the inner and to see if a beautiful change can take form, not momentarily romanticised or plainly thought about but an actual change to blossom and flower.

Where we are not tangled in our ego but instead mesmerised in love that knows no bounds.

POEM: Entertainment or Joy?

People wander in the jungles hoping to run to somewhere peaceful.
Why do they not attend to the jungle which is their mind?
Whether you leave the jungle or the city,
The beasts in here will always follow you.

Everybody pays to meditate in lush gardens full of fragrant flowers.

Maybe one day they will discover the beautiful garden within their heart and realise that musk which is life.

I hope you enjoy it and keep up the pen game.