P-T-R-P : EP 1 AyahSpeaks

P-T-R-P : EP 1 AyahSpeaks

Hi there all avid readers, here is a new series for this platform titled:

SERIES: People That R' Poets

This series will focus on Highlighting Poets from a diverse set of backgrounds to provide a space to showcase their work!

Each episode will feature a different poet, who will curate a short poem as well as bio about who they are and what inspires their poetry!

Each poem will provide a brief look into each artists writing style/ethos,  followed with links of where to find out more about their work!

This series aims to allow readers the opportunity to discover amazing writers from all over the world through collective collaboration!

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Ayah Speaks

Ayah Speaks is a poet and writer. She offers the universe poetry in a medley of mindfulness and uncomfortable truths usually served in a comical way with a hint of sarcasm.

Her writings indulges in mindfulness, mental health and identity.


Between the doorbell  Sound and my hand reaching for the door,
I grasp to a prayer for my fate to be overturned.
I mean it’s only been a couple of hours so there must be hope… right?
I tell the world I hope this human on the other side of the door is you.
Say I have been having a really bad dream.
And you are here to wake me up.

I turn the handle,

swing open the door;
The September wind strikes my chest and leaves with me breath.
My lungs fail to inflate as my retinas capture the truth.
There stands a sobbing human;

It’s not you.

I blink twice, move to the side, unable to speak I let them in.
They walk in.
And I am still standing at the door struggling with news that isn’t ready to fuse with truth.

Your soul has returned.