\-Reverse -/-Reading-/

\-Reverse -/-Reading-/

A fool will talk to the degree
It would be foolish not to listen

Silence is loud to a person of wisdom
When the words unsaid
Provoke the context

Value is held
In what people hold
Mind body & Soul
The intangible
Moulds feelings
Both Profound & Bold

An image can only show
What is seen
what is seen
Can only be understood
From what is said
Gathered &  gained to be later ingrained
In how it is remembered.

Abstract views
Provide a perspective anew
When the point deduced
The vision
Painting the poor traits of the  point

Outward thinking
Creates clear
Internal dialogue
As each thought
Leaves the mind
To Ring around
Vibrating sound
To dial up
A new tone
To overstand
The tenacious
Thoughts that
The mind calls home…

In short this poem
hopes to  give a insight

Into a view of life
From a point, that
Points to why
Not how
Or where

As the reason
being Is forever-now is all we have.

Sometimes words rearranged
Still remains so strange….
Even when the meaning is the same
But seem to be Seamless interchanged
Found but yet estranged…
Only indifferent
In name
But share the subtle meanings

All just the same…

Artwork above by Mehtab Ghazi Rahman

Curated By Nomadic Libaax