Poetically Me

Poetically Me

Life viewed through a poetic lens

Allows for memories to become moments

Which you then become fond of

And turn to friends

Allowing for the past to become present
Once again

This time remembering

That all things don't necessarily

come to an end

When poetry in motion

Becomes your life pen

It starts to take on it's own sway and swing

To rewrite story yet to begin

As you are the author orchestrating

The time you're in…

Divinely ordained and Destined

Poetry is honestly such a beautiful thing

One of the many blessings

And the most gracious of gifts to give

In a world at times hard to exist…

Poetry creates a feeling of bliss

Fulfilling the purpose for which we live…

To learn and return the knowledge
That we had before we were kids…

In collaboration with The Poetry Power House                                                  

Curated by Nomadic Libaax