P-T-R-P : EP 16 George Lomas

P-T-R-P : EP 16  George Lomas

SERIES: People That R' Poets

‌This Series will focus on Highlighting Poets from a diverse set of backgrounds to provide a space to showcase their work!

As we move further along this series I hope you, the reader may have gained a greater insight into the creative process through the lense of each unique artist!

May this series serve as a reminder for all of their own creative spark! Writing the stories of life each memory entails...

The Poet : George Lomas

George is a 21 year old poet who hails from Harrow with a passion for using words to poetically express the intricacies of mental health and he view our lives.

I am very passionate about poetry and have had the opportunity to headline at the Grumble and Grunt open mic in Camden as well as performing at Wembley stadium last summer as part of the Hearts of Talent.

The Poem : When my life unfolds

When my life unfolds,
I’d like to be there.
To see my flaws and fortunes.
To watch each act beneath a lens,
To see where I went wrong.

When my life unfolds,
I’d like to witness,
How others really felt,
To see how they saw me,
Will change how I now see myself.