P-T-R-P: EP 14 Krazy Legs Abz

P-T-R-P: EP 14 Krazy Legs Abz

SERIES: People That R' Poets

‌This Series will focus on Highlighting Poets from a diverse set of backgrounds to provide a space to showcase their work!

Each Episode will feature a different poet, who will curate a short poem to provide a insight about who they are and what inspires their Poetry!

As we move further along this series I hope you, the reader may have gained a greater insight into the creative process through the lense of each unique artist!

For this space aims to provide people from all walks of life an opportunity to not just showcase their work but also give readers a greater insight into creative exploration through the collective exchange of stories from each

Expressive Artist.

THE POET : Krazy Legs

My name is Abdal shakur Warsame I go by the stage name Krazylegs. I like football, I play weekly 8 a side, I also enjoy anime and music. I write poetry to reflect and bring about a positive change of energy mentally. Most of my poetry, this piece being an example, comes from my reflection on my life and past occurrences.

THE POEM : Real Recognise Real

I once heard real recognise real, have you heard the saying?
Because we protecting one another from illest ways
I had to protect my peace same way I protect my G’s

I had to protect my herd, protect the flock, protect the sheep

How do we stay real when feel the maddest thoughts
I choose to protect my deen perfect my speech
I ain’t into beef I’m into P I have to eat

I’m just trying to make ends meet, jump over street leech and ego freaks

I once heard real recognise real, have you heard it before?
Who do I stay real to when my emotions are raw

A vivid picture I can draw

A paint brush or a ink pen, thinking of back when I was trynna score or bagging up fifty draws
I have a cause yet I want more
Illusions of a metaphor
It comes fast and goes faster and I’m still tryna remember what I bought

Real recognise real ohhhhhh what I thought

We could have made history, now we’re making war
Imagine if we fought, I would’ve had the worst of cause
I’ve seen your mum same way I’ve seen his mum
Still I would have dropped the ball

We’re from the slums but I’m not from your likes,

I can walk away because I learnt to crawl
I ain’t free for them, but I’m free for you,
They’re just mad that they’re free for all
I speak to god, please don’t let me fall
I’m thinking big, because I started small

I’m trying to keep my friends close, and you’re unfamiliar, so I built a wall

Real recognise real, that’s why we’re standing tall